Cancellations, Refund And Replacements

  1. Order Cancellation within 24 hrs:
    1. You can cancel your order within 24 hours from completion of your payment process. This is applicable only in case where orders are not processed and dispatched.
    2. To cancel your order, visit the 'Orders' page of your DIAMOND account. View the 'Order Details' of the order you want to cancel and tap 'Cancel'.
    3. In case you have paid using Net banking/Debit/Credit Card, the refund of the amount for cancelled items will be made after cancellation process is complete at our Order summary page.
    4. The refund will be made within 7 days from date of cancellation confirmation.
  2. Order Cancellation after 24 hrs:
    1. Customer is entitled to cancel order and claim refund for products for reason of manufacturing defects only and only within 48 hours of delivery of products to the customer. For any such cancellation post 24 hours, the customer will be required to write email to with detailed information and photos of such products.
    2. Upon receipt of the email, the Diamond team will initiate pickup process and shall inspect the returned products. Upon verification and identification of the problem in the product, if any, Diamond will communicate its finding to the customer.
    3. We make 3 attempts to pick up the item. If the item is not picked up on the third attempt, the pick-up request is marked as failed. After third pickup attempt, the claim will become invalid and Diamond shall not be responsible for refund or replacement.
    4. The cancelled items sent for replacement / refund should be unused, intact, and with their original packaging (labels, tags, boxes, plastic wrap). If you opt for a replacement and we don’t have a replacement in stock, we’ll refund you the full amount, including the shipping charges you paid on its purchase. The time for the refund to reflect in your account will be 7 to 10 business days from the time your cancellation request was accepted.
    5. Not with standing anything contained in this policy or terms and conditions, eligibility of refund shall be decided post inspection of the returned item and its condition and the decision of Diamond shall be final and binding upon you.