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Healthcare Equipment

We are on a mission to enhance the customer experience in the entire healthcare equipment market. By bringing the constant innovations in a diverse range of products and delivering them direct to consumer, we are fostering an ecosystem where all types of customers get to buy only the best and the most superior-grade products.

Company Profile

Diamond Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. (DHPPL) is an organization established in the Year 2017 with an intention to manufacture, trade, and supply various Medical and Surgical products.

It was observed over the years that there is an unfulfilled market demand for Good Quality Branded Genuine Blood Pressure Instrument Spares from Doctors and Hospitals across India, DHPPL aims to meet this market demand promptly and efficiently.

Ever since its inception, DHPPL is expanding its dealer network continuously and has about 50 dealers to date. We are now gearing up to double the number of dealers in 2 to 3 years. Our production and sales have also gradually increased in the last three years.

We hope to increase sales by about 10 to 15% every year in the next 3 years. Having a long standing reputation of 55+ years, the “Diamond” brand is trusted by the medical profession. We understand the responsibility that we shoulder when using the “Diamond” brand, hence we do not produce or market products that are not up to the mark.


Improving manufacturing processes for our existing products and improving its Quality is and will remain our focus area, always. We are also trying to develop Innovative Products and Solutions for our existing customers.

Our motto is to build a sustainable business to scale new heights in the long run.


To create innovative healthcare products and deliver them at affordable costs.


To continuously innovate on our product line and stay ahead of the curve


Integrity: The very fabric of our company ethos. We live by it.
Commitment: Our word is our prestige.
Innovation: Innovation is the center stage of our creation process
Value-centric: Every product idea is conceived to create a unique market value

Our Team

We are a dedicated and hardworking group comprising of production controllers, quality control experts, sales and marketing executives and administrative staff.  We all work in close collaboration with each other to ensure smooth and timely production. Our client-success members maintain a contact with our customers so as to incorporate any changes suggested by them, at any point in the project life-cycle.

We also have a special department helping stay ahead of the innovation curve, by studying and analyzing the latest market trends. The research personnel undertake market research to analyze the ever-evolving requirements of our clients.