EyeMag Smart

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  • Key Features
    • Flip-up function : Unobstructed vision and eye contact with your patients with a single adjustment.
    • Optics mount : Easy attachment and removal of the optics.
    • Soft nose bridge : For a comfortable fit.
    • Titanium eyeglass frame : In addition to protective side the prescription lenses can be fitted by an eye care professional at any time.
    • Setting the interpupillary distance (PD) : Fast binocular setting of your personal PD.
    • High quality surface : Suitable for standard disinfectants.
    • Telescopic rail : Position the eyepieces in seconds with single adjustments.
    • Full antire-flective lens protection
    • Adjustment of eyepiece tilt : Fast adjustment to any desired viewing angle - even in extreme treatment positions.
    • Lens protection device : Shields the objective lens against tissue debris for increased protection. Features high - quality , scratch-proof ZEISS anti-reflective coating.
    Technical Specification

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